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Annual Assembly 2017
The Annual Assembly will be held on Thursday 4th May at 7.30pm at the Wonersh Memorial Hall. Programme may be seen here.
West Surrey Stroke Care Services consultation launched February 2017
Consultation to be accessed here

The Parish Council has jointly commissioned with neighbouring parishes a detailed critique of the transport reports relating to the impact on the local road network of potential development at Dunsfold Aerodrome. This has been submitted to WBC and makes clear that large-scale development of this site will not be sustainable without significant improvements. You can read the report here>>>.

Waverley Borough Council’s development of a new Local Plan is ongoing. Among other things the new Plan will determine how much new building development will take place in the Borough, including potentially in and around Blackheath, Shamley Green and Wonersh, from now until 2031. Getting the Plan “right” is therefore important to everyone who values their environment.

The process of developing the Plan is now reaching a critical stage. WBC has published an “Issues and Options” paper for public consultation - deadline 17 October 2014 - and sent it to all households. The Parish Council urges all residents individually to read the papers and to respond to the consultation ahead of the deadline. This is your chance to have your say in how your village may be developed over the next 15 years.

The Council is grateful to all those residents who have contributed to its formal submission to WBC. This was approved at the full council meeting on 9 October, attended by 70 electors, and can be read here>>>.

Details on how the Plan is being developed are available on Waverley BC’s web site here>>>.


The Secretary of State has approved the proposals for Waverley Borough Council to create additional motor vehicle parking spaces on the edge of The Green. You can read the details of the public notice>>> here. The documents can also be viewed at the Parish Office. The new parish and borough councils to be elected on 7 May 2015 will pursue options for funding the project.

The Parsih Council will continue to encourage large-scale organised groups of walkers and ramblers to avoid parking in the village centre to minimise congestion.


Wonersh Parish Council is considering how it can reasonably respond to an identified need for more social housing within the parish for local residents. This may entail the Council supporting permission to build up to 11 units of accommodation in due course, spread over several locations.  However, the Council is committed to supporting the develoment of suitable "brownfield" sites ahead of any exceptional build within the "Green Belt". Waverley Borough Council has identified up to three local brownfield sites as a priority and these are in the process of being developed for additional social housing. Although there are a number of suggested "greenfield" sites as well, the Council

will not take any further action until the brownfield site developments are completed. We will then evaluate the effect this has had on the identified local housing need. Only if a substantial shortfall remains will we consider, in full consultation with residents, a potential small development on a suitable greenfield site. Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information. You may also wish to read the 2012 housing needs survey report>> here.

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